Policies on Alcohol Consumption

Each drink has a POTency; bootleg liquor has a randomly determined POT (see below). For each drink consumed, roll on the Resistance Table, CON vs. POT. Lower effective CON by 1 for each drink after the first.

A successful roll has no result. A failed roll imposes a -10% penalty to all physical, perception, and mental skills and a -1 to DEX and POW. If either DEX or POW reach zero, the PC passes out.

The first failed resistance roll does grant a +10% to communication skills, but every failed roll after that imposes a -10% penalty to communication skills just like the rest.

Drunken Sanity: A PC who is drunk is less likely to go insane. After the first failed roll, if you lose 5 or more SAN in a single go make your Idea roll to realize the true horror of what you’ve observed at INTx4 instead of the usual INTx5. The second failed roll reduces this to INTx3, and so forth, down to a minimum of INTx1. However, if you suffer indefinite insanity while drunk, it WILL manifest as raging alcoholism.

Selected Potencies:

Beer – 5
Whiskey (shot) – 8
Wine (glass) – 7
Vodka (glass) – 9
Tequila (glass) – 9
Gin (glass) – 8
Mixed drink – 11

Bathtub Gin
Roll a d6: on a 1-3, decrease POT by amount rolled; on a 4-6, increase the POT by amount rolled. If Resistance Roll is fumbled, character has been poisoned!

Policies on Alcohol Consumption

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