Terrence O'Kelly

Night Watchman


Terrence Xavier O’Kelly, age 24, New Night Watchman

STR 12 CON 14 SIZ 16 INT 13 POW 13
DEX 08 APP 13 EDU 11 SAN 65 HP 15
Damage Bonus: +1D4.

Weapons: Fist/Punch 60%, damage 1D3 + 1D4
.38 Revolver 60%, damage 1D10
Billy Club 40%, damage 1D6 + 1D4

Skills: Conceal 40%, Dodge 45%, Drive Auto 45%, Fast Talk 35%, Hide 25%, Listen 65%, Locksmith 20%, Spot Hidden 60%, Swim 45%.


Bright, capable, and eager to please, Terrance Xavier O’Kelly has served as the new night watchman since the second week of August. As the fall semester begins, O’Kelly is still settling in to his new job. Every night O’Kelly is charged with patrolling the grounds and making sure that all the doors that should be locked stay locked. He also makes a cursory walkthrough of each building once a night, though not according to any timetable and never in quite the same order. The night watchman is also quick to respond to any reports of strangers roaming about by night, and races to respond to any burglar alarm or cry for help. Anyone lurking, prowling, or stalking about campus after hours is bound to run into O’Kelly, and the young man is tenacious when giving chase.

O’Kelly has a tiny office in the basement of the Axton Field House, but his duties he can rarely be found in it.

Terrence O'Kelly

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