Scott Whidden

Eccentric Campus Reporter


STR 09 CON 11 SIZ 13 INT 16 POW 17
DEX 11 APP 10 EDU 14 SAN 74 HP 12

Damage Bonus: none.
Weapons: Fist/Punch 50%, damage 1D3
Satchel Full of Books 30%, damage 1D4

Skills: Academic Standing 16%, Listen 60%, M.U. Lore 65%, Occult 45%, Spot Hidden 40%, Write Articles 65%.


Scott Whidden is a Boston native who came to M.U. to study physics, but got sucked into writing for the school paper instead. Now a junior, he spends far more time on his hobbies than his coursework, and probably has at least two more years of schooling ahead of him. Whidden has a keen mind for detail (if not for punctuation), and a scientist’s knack for pertinent observation. As a result, he is a fountain of university trivia and gossip. He is also obsessed with the occult. Whidden commonly goes ratting in the campus tunnels, and is convinced that some kind of secret society has been controlling Miskatonic to its own ends since the school’s foundation. Currently, Whidden is trying to discover the secret occult geometries that underlie the layout of all of the buildings on campus.

Whidden can be as annoying as he is paranoid, but is often a good source of information about anything strange that might be going on around campus.

Scott Whidden

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