Horatio Marsh

Football hero



STR 18 CON 18 SIZ 17 INT 09 POW 13
DEX 14 APP 15 EDU 14 SAN 10 HP 18

Damage Bonus: +1D6
Weapons: Kick 70%, damage 1D6 + 1D6
Fist/Punch 65%, damage 1D3 + 1D6
Tackle (Grapple) 50%, damage special

Skills: Academic Standing (Miskatonic) 52%, Cthulhu Mythos 2%, Credit Rating 35%, Dodge 55%, Evade Suspicion 65%, Fast Talk 65%, Hide 30%, Innsmouth Lore 45%, Library Use 25%, Listen 50%, Persuade 30%, Psychology 50%, Spot Hidden 30%, Swim 75%, Throw 55%.

Languages: English 70%.


Widely recognized at Miskatonic, junior Horatio Marsh is undoubtedly one of the big men on campus. In his case, the distinction is literal:Marsh stands a hulking six foot five, towering over his classmates. Long-limbed and strong, Marsh has distinguished himself as a star performer on the football field and has won renown throughout New England as an Olympic-class swimmer. Marsh is also a friendly, affable fellow, with a rugged grin and vice-like handshake ready for all he meets.Horatio is a member of the prestigious Sigma Phi fraternity, and is an active member of several student groups and clubs. He’s also the odds-on favorite to be president of the student body next year.

Horatio Marsh

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