Gladys A. Mayhew

Local woman studies biology after working at a pharmacy. A healthy, confident person.


High constitution, middling appearance, fairly strong for a woman of her young age.


A local girl, daughter of the Arkham druggist, Francis Q. Mayhew and Margaret H. Mayhew. She has grown up in the shadow of Miskatonic University, been fascinated by the architecture and cosmopolitan appearance of the other students since she was little. She knows most of the local folklore, and a few secrets of a professional nature. She had worked in the Arkham Drugs dispensary for the past 3 years on a part time basis, but now Margaret has insisted that she focus on her studies. She has the support of her family, who are proud of her. She has no siblings, as far as she knows.
She has a strong interest in Biology, and related fields, and has obtained excellent grades in these classes. She loves salamanders and small amphibians in a scientific way. She is eager to compete in the greater world of academics, but is also a bit frightened of the new challenges as she begins her career. Perhaps nursing, perhaps pharmaceutical research are in her future career pathways. It is still very early. She thinks of romance only occasionally, and sees it through a very practical lens. But now she has spotted Percy Lake of the marine biology department, and she is starting to develop a crush on him.

Gladys A. Mayhew

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