Florian Gaines

Thin and of a medium height and attractiveness, he makes up for his physical shortcomings with a ready wit and easy humor.


FLORIAN GAINES, age 18, Pre-Med

STR 09 CON 06 SIZ 12 INT 13 POW 12
DEX 15 APP 10 EDU 13 SAN 58 HP 12

Damage Bonus: +0

Weapons: fencing foil 60%, damage 1d6+1

Skills: Academic Standing (Miskatonic) 05%, Credit Rating 18&, Dodge 60%, Fast Talk 35%, First Aid 40%, Library Use 25%, Medicine 20%, Other Language: German 20%, Own Language: English 65%, Sneak 24%, Spot Hidden 40%, Mathematics 26%



The younger of the Gaines twins, the youthful Florian was driven to earn his father’s approval, and thus began to study medicine at an early age, finding he had the family’s knack for it. He embraced school, religion, and family life, eager to please the elder Gaines.

In 1918, when the United States was committed to the Great War, his father volunteered to serve, believing that it was a higher calling to serve the allies of freedom. This cost him his life, and without the guidance of his father, Florian began acting out. His mother attempted to bring in the senior Mr. Gaines, Florian’s grandfather, to help straighten the boy out, but he only succeeded in convincing Florian to continue pursuing his medical career for the sake of his mother and sister.

In high school Florian excelled in his studies, but combined that drive with a desperate-seeming need to defy authority. It was with a great sigh of relief that he graduated from high school in Boston and was accepted to Miskatonic University.

Florian Gaines

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