Dr. Jacob Handy

Bitter Biologist


Dr. JACOB HANDY, age 47

STR 09 CON 09 SIZ 12 INT 16 POW 12
DEX 09 APP 12 EDU 19 SAN 52 HP 11

Damage Bonus: none.
Weapon: Scalpel 75%, damage 1D3 (double normal chance to impale)

Skills: Accounting 15%, Anthropology 25%, Biology 70%, Botany 20%, Chemistry 40%, Credit Rating 45%, Debate 45%, First Aid 50%, History 45%, Library Use 55%,Medicine 60%, Natural History 65%, Psychology 30%, Spot Hidden 40%, Zoology 70%.

Languages: English 95%, Latin 50%.


A dedicated marine biologist, Dr. Handy is the director of the Woods Hole Research Post. His repeated frustrations with the Post’s budget constraints, coupled with the steady increase is his teaching load, have left him embittered with his position. Unsure how secure his job will remain should Woods Hole shrink or fail, Handy hopes to make one major discovery and get published as soon as possible. Passed over for the Antarctic Expedition for health reasons, Handy is growing desperate.

Dr. Jacob Handy

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