Dr. Henry Armitage

Master of the Library


Age: 65

STR 11 CON 08 SIZ 12 INT 18 POW 16
DEX 10 APP 13 EDU 24 SAN 55 HP 11
Damage Bonus: none.

Weapons: none.

Skills: Academic Lore (Miskatonic) 85%, Academic Standing (Miskatonic) 99%, Accounting 40%, Cryptography 75%, Cthulhu Mythos 18%, English Literature 75%, History 65%, Library Use 95%, Occult 29%, Persuade 74%, Psychology 48%.

Languages: English 98%, French 80%, German 70%, Greek 68%, Latin 75%.


Well known and well liked across campus, Dr. Armitage (A.M. Miskatonic, Ph.D. Princeton, and Litt.D. Cambridge) has been director of the Orne Library since 1906, and knows its secrets better than anyone. A jovial man by nature, Armitage always has the time to help students with their problems. He is infamous for the hours that he keeps: a tireless worker, he often sleeps on a couch in his office, and ventures into Arkham only to eat or sleep. Dr. Armitage and his wife Eleanor live at 384 W. High Street, near campus.

Dr. Henry Armitage

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