Dr. Chester Armwright

Dean of Medicine



STR 12 CON 14 SIZ 15 INT 17 POW 16
DEX 13 APP 15 EDU 24 SAN 88 HP 14

Damage Bonus: +1D4
Weapons: .45 Revolver 55%, damage 1D10 + 2
.30-06 Rifle 70%, damage 2D6 + 3
20-Gauge Pump Shotgun 75%, damage 2D6/1D6/1D3

Skills: Chemistry 35%, Credit Rating 75%, Diagnose Disease 70%, First Aid 80%, Latin 15%, Library Use 50%,Medicine 85%, Pharmacy 40%.


Dean of the College and Director of the School: a graduate of M.U., he was acquainted with Herbert West in medical school, just after the turn of the century. A gifted pathologist, Armwright has educated doctors who now practice all over New England, and is respected by both practicing physicians and medical educators throughout Massachusetts. Armwright is an avid hunter and a member of the Arkham Gun Club.

Dr. Chester Armwright

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