Dr. Cecil Waldron

Campus Physician


Cecil Waldron, MD, age 69, Campus Physician

STR 09 CON 12 SIZ 10 INT 17 POW 13
DEX 13 APP 12 EDU 24 SAN 62 HP 11
Damage Bonus: none

Weapons: none

Skills: First Aid 75%, Medicine 55%, Pharmacy 65%, Tell Pointless Stories 45%.


Having just turned 69 years old, Waldron came to Arkham from Boston. Once a lecturer at the School of Medicine, Dr. Cecil Waldron retired from teaching a few years ago, but found he was not quite ready for a sedentary life. The administration was kindly enough to appoint Waldron to the post of campus physician, a job suitable for a semi-retired man. He maintains a small infirmary and office in the basement of Atwood Science Hall.

Doc Waldron administers aspirin, takes care of sprains, cuts, minor skin rashes, and sees to all other matters unsuitable for [[St. Mary’s]] receiving (emergency) room. Investigators injured in the course of their education or investigations can look to Waldron for competent medical care, but investigators should beware the gentleman’s nosy demeanor. Odd rashes, marks, or suspicious wounds will draw stern questions from the good doctor, and evasive answers will almost certainly lead Waldron to take his suspicions to the administration or even the police.

Dr. Cecil Waldron

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