Dr. Aaron Thurber

Instructor of Medicine



STR 10 CON 09 SIZ 11 INT 15 POW 14
DEX 14 APP 11 EDU 21 SAN 70 HP 10

Damage Bonus: none.
Weapons: Scalpel 75%, damage 1D4 (double chance to impale)
Grapple 65%, damage special.

Skills: Biology 60%, Chemistry 60%, Credit Rating 75%, Forensics 80%, First Aid 40%, History 30%, Library Use 45%, Mechanical Repair 35%, Medicine 90%, Occult 15%, Pharmacy 25%, Photography 40%, Spot Hidden 65%, Surgical Procedures 70%.

Languages: English 75%, Greek 45%, Latin 75%.


Omnipresent within the School of Medicine, Dr. Thurber teaches several introductory courses on pathology in addition to presently being the acting director of the school. Always friendly, the entire school sees Thurber as a surrogate grandfather, and his personal attention to student concerns has made him the friend of every student he has ever met, even if Thurber’s colleagues think he’s a little too easy on his charges.

Dr. Aaron Thurber

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