Biff Williams

Gentleman Athlete


STR 16 CON 14 SIZ 14 INT 10 POW 10
DEX 14 APP 09 EDU 13 SAN 50 HP 14

Damage Bonus: +1D4.
Weapons: Fist/Punch 60%, damage 1D3 + 1D4
Large Club (baseball bat) 60%, damage 1D8 + 1D4
Tackle (Grapple) 55%, damage special

Skills: Academic Lore (Miskatonic) 35%, Academic Standing (Miskatonic) 35%, Climb 60%, Dodge 35%, Hit Home Run 26%, Tackle Runner 62%, Throw 46%.


Biff was Frank Charlton’s roommate until the latter’s unfortunate death. He has lettered in several sports during his three years at M.U. and maintains an active interest in German calisthenics.

Biff Williams

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