Asenath Waite Derby

Medieval Metaphysics Honors Student


ASENATH WAITE, age 23, Talk of the Campus

STR 12 CON 14 SIZ 10 INT 18 POW 18
DEX 13 APP 15* EDU 23 SAN 0 HP 12

*Waite has the protuberant eyes, but is otherwise quite good looking.

Damage Bonus: none.
Weapons: Fist/Punch 60%, damage 1D3
Head Butt 50%, damage 1D4
Dagger 45%, damage 1D4 + 2
Grapple 35%, damage special

Skills: Academic Standing (Miskatonic) 35%, Anthropology 45%, Cthulhu Mythos 72%, Drive Automobile 70%, Fast Talk 40%, Hide 45%, History 75%, Library Use 70%, Occult 55%, Persuade 70%, Sneak 65%, Spot Hidden 55%, Swim 85%.

Languages: Arabic 60%, English 99%, Latin 60%.


Asenath Waite came to Miskatonic after finishing her term at Kingsport’s Hall School, and is currently a bright star in Professor Shalad’s medieval metaphysics course. Asenath also quickly took center place in Arkham’s decadent Bohemian set, and a cloud of rumors and infamy follows her wherever she goes. Whispered hints of dark sabbats by moonlight, explorations of the occult and black magic, and scandalous tales of her sexual exploits flutter through the Miskatonic student body. Other rumors (some of which followed Asenath to Arkham from Kingsport) center on her hypnotic personality. Asenath’s odd manner (her bearing and demeanor imply a worldly, aged cynicism far from anything acceptable in a young lady) has been commented on by some of her professors, but so far the hauntingly beautiful young woman has earned consistently high grades in her studies. There is no reason to criticize her intellect. She shows a particular aptitude for history and philosophy.

In October 1928 she married one Edward Pickman Derby, and now resides with him at Crownshield Manor in North Arkham.

Asenath Waite Derby

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