The Bell of Freedom, the Book of Wisdom, and the Light of Truth

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To our new students, welcome! To our returning students, welcome back! Miskatonic University, situated in historic Arkham, Massachusetts, heart of the Miskatonic Valley, offers a variety of four-year degree programs in the sciences and the liberal arts. With a storied history spanning nearly two-and-a-half centuries, Miskatonic – never content to rest on its laurels – is also looking ahead to the future, charting a course to put our institution at the vanguard of modern universities.

But don’t let talk of our upcoming Antarctic expedition or the Rare Books collection in the Orne Library (envy of colleges around the world) fool you! Deep down, we are still a community-oriented place of learning. Incoming Freshmen: take some time to stroll the campus and town and do not be shy about introducing yourself to the faculty. Be sure to read over the orientation material. Make yourself at home. After all, the next four years could very well be the most defining era of your life; odds are, by the time you graduate you will barely recognize yourself…

Bell, Book, and Candle

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