Tag: delta phi


  • Robert Lodge Jarvis

    An effete, lanky dilettante, Jarvis is very active around campus. Award-winning high diver, Jarvis loves a good party and a good prank as much as the next brother. His wry wit is legendary on campus.

  • Florian Gaines

    *Pre-Miskatonic:* The younger of the Gaines twins, the youthful Florian was driven to earn his father's approval, and thus began to study medicine at an early age, finding he had the family's knack for it. He embraced school, religion, and family life …

  • Stanley Higgins

    A senior biology major and member of Delta Phi, Stanley Higgins has grown increasingly interested--even obsessed--with the strange goings-on down in Garbage Alley under the teaching hospital. His volunteer work at the hospital led him to noticing the …